Wednesday, May 01, 2013

How To: Mother's Day Picture Frames

I've been on a Mother's Day craft marathon this past week with my grandkids. We've made paper Mache vases, sun catchers and our final project is ice cream stick picture frames.

These refrigerator picture frames are easy, inexpensive and colorful. Supplies include:
  • Craft Popsicle sticks
  • Craft glue
  • Glitter
  • Paint
  • Plastic buttons
  • Scrap ribbon
  • Business card magnets
  • Printer and camera

Form a square frame with the pop sticks. I attached two parallel sticks at the top and bottom, and one stick between the two layers. A diagonal stick was used on the back side to keep the picture in place.

Spray paint or brush on tempera paint with a brush. I used spray paint. Allow the sticks to dry between each coat of paint.

Decide how button arrangement and where you want to place glitter. Layering the buttons by size will give added depth. Allow the picture frame to set up overnight.

When the embellishments are dry, print and trim photos to side into the sides of the frame. The diagonal pop stick will help keep the picture in place.

The last step is to adhere the business card magnets to the back of the frame. I used on full magnet and trimmed a second to fit. Hot glue worked best for securing to the wooden sticks. Even though the magnets had an adhesive backing, they didn't seem to stick well. The hot glue worked great.

Glue the business card magnet to the back side of the frame.

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LaBronnasmom said...

We are doing this for Activity Days this year for Mother Day. So glad I found this! Thank you so much!!!!