Saturday, November 15, 2014

Make These Fun Robot Soaps

Make this Robot Soap These Robo-Soaps are fun and easy to make using Mold Market's Robot mold. There are countless variations you can use with our GPE water dissolving paper. We have even included a FREE template in this post.

Here are a few of the soaps made by Sophie Soap Chick. Instructions to make Robo-Soaps are given below. These soaps are perfectly sized for little hands.

Here's What You Need:

  • Mold Market's Robot Mold
  • Water Dissolving Paper ( to print Robot Chest Parts)
  • Fragrance Oil and Soap Colorants
  • Clear and white Soap Base
  • Alcohol Spray
  • Soap Injector Tool

  1. To make the robot, melt 7 cubes of Clear Soap Base in the microwave. Heat in a glass measuring cup in short bursts of heat until melted. The pouring temperature should be about 140 degrees.
  2. Print and cut out Robot Chest Parts using the Water Dissolving Paper (instructions included
    when you purchase the paper from GoPlanetEarth).
  3. Select chest designs and colors to coordinate with the color of the eyes, hands, feet, and main body. So depending on what design you choose, pick a color that corresponds with it.
  4. If you want to keep the robot plain, pour a thin layer of Clear Soap Base and once almost set, gently lay the cut out of the robot chest down in that area and spray the alcohol spray on the back to make it lay properly. Once that was close to being set, continue with another layer of clear and repeat until finished filling the mold.
  5. If you want the eyes, feet, and hands to be another color:  melt a cube of White Soap Base and mix that with the color of your choice and add  fragrance. Use the Soap Injector Tool to fill in those areas.
  6.  When these areas have set up, pour a layer of clear soap base and follow the above steps to get your perfect robot.
  7. If you wanted to have a shine through of color as well you would continue with all the above steps and once you are at the last level to pour, use a color instead of clear. 
Sophie Soap Chicks Review:
No matter what way you choose, you can’t go wrong with this awesome mold!

Click here to save the PDF file for robot parts to print onto the GPE Water Dissolving Paper.

Melt and Pour Soap: Skeleton Cupcake

Skelton Cupcake Soap
What a fun soap and perfect for a pirate themed or Halloween party. It is made with Mold Market's Cupcake and Large Bath Bomb molds. Here's how:

  1. Melt 4 cubes of White Soap Base and add fragrance (Make sure to use a fragrance that is clear so it does not cause the white to be a yellow color, if that happens no need to worry! Just use a drop or so of White Colorant.
  2. Spray alcohol spray into the Large Bath Bomb Mold and pour in the white soap and finish off
    with a few more spray of alcohol. While this sets up, melt 8 cubes of Clear Soap Base in the same manner as used for the white base. Add a few drops of Black Oxide Colorant and fragrance oil; gently stir together.
  3. Spray alcohol spray into the cupcake bottom mold and pour until full. Pour the remaining soap into the Jelly Roll Tray.
  4. Once the soap in Jelly Roll is set up, carve out the eyes and stitched mouth. Attach them all together using a little bit of melted down clear soap base. Once set, you have yourself a spooky spin off of a well known Halloween movie that everyone will know and love!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Franken Soap...Fun Party Favors

Sophie Soap Chick has been at it again. She created a number of ghoulish soaps to inspire you. Mold Market's Beveled Square mold was used for the above Franken-soap design. These soaps aren't just for Halloween, they are fun soaps to be used all year round.

I plan to make these soaps for my grandson's schoolmates when I read the book Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex.



Green Head:
Melt six cubes of white soap base in microwave safe measuring cup. You will want a pouring temperature of around 140 degrees. Remove from microwave; add fragrance and 2 drops of GPE Neon Green colorant.

Spray the inside of the Beveled Border mold cavity with rubbing alcohol and then pour soap.Allow to set up until firm before removing from the mold.

Melt six cubes of clear soap base in the same manner as the white. Add a few drops of black colorant to the melted soap and pour into the jelly roll tray.

After the black is set, repeat the steps with White Soap Base to use for the back of the eyes. Use the Recessed Smoother Soap Tool to out the black pupils, hair, eyelids, nose, and stitches from the layer of black soap you removed from the jelly roll tray.

When the white soap is set, carve out the back parts of the eye and made sure they fit behind the already carved eyelids. Once all the cut-outs are completed, melt a block of Clear Soap Base and  attach all the facial features!

Now you have a creepy and spooky Franken Soap!

Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
Clear Soap Base from GoPlanetEarth