Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are you on the CYBER MONDAY A-LIST?

Our Annual Cyber Monday Newsletter just went out. Were you on the A-List to receive savings of up to 20% on products and shipping? This year, we are also offering FREE gifts to the first 25 shoppers who find the special check mark hidden within our web site.

If you aren't already signed up to receive our newsletter, this would be the time to do so. Throughout the year our newsletter subscribers receive many perks and savings not offered to the general public. You will also want to sign up for our "Preferred Customer Discount (PCD Program) that offers a 3% savings on all online orders of $35 or more in product.

Drop us an email ane we'll send you more info about the PCD program.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Operation Christmas Shoe Boxes Ship Today

Today, we started shipping Operation Christmas Shoe Boxes to Samaritan's Purse. There are no words to thank the many customers who generously donated $$'s for this worthwhile Christmas project. Each shoe box is filled with toiletry items, small toys, school supplies and other personal items and shipped to needy children around the globe.

We will continue to collect donations via our shopping cart until December 15. Any additional monies received will be sent in the form of a monetary donation to help under-privileged countries purchase basic medical supplies.

Missy, one of our long-time employees wore her "Pay it Forward" bracelet today as she packed the boxes. My staff jumped in 100% to support this project and are excited to track the boxes to find out their final destination.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Send a Christmas card to our soldiers!

Here's an opportunity to show your apprecation to our military personnel this holiday season.

1) Select a postcard

2) Personalize a message

3) Send

Thanks to Xerox for their "Let's Say Thanks to Our Troops" Christmas card program.

Monday, November 09, 2009

HO,HO,HO~ Skating Reindeer Melt & Pour Soap

Melt and Pour Skating Reindeer SoapA simple beginner's project that uses Mold Market’s duck pond mold and a bendable reindeer. Add a few sprigs of pine, a sprinkle or two of mica flakes and you’ve got a great soap for holiday gift-giving. Goplanet's FREE tutorial video will show you just how easy it is to make this whimsical soap.

Melt and Pour Skating Reindeer Soap

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Why I Love my Job

Today I recieved a letter from a customer that touched my heart. A soulful reminder that this company is commited to offering inspiration and the sharing of new ideas. In doing so, it is my hope you find all things are possible if you only believe in yourself.


Hello Ms. D!

I just wanted to let you know the bath bomb molds arrived on Saturday – and I couldn’t wait to “play”! I located your recipe for the bombs on your site, cleared off the kitchen counter, sanitized my work area and away I went! This is the first time I made these things and let me tell you, I felt like a kid again playing in the sandbox. Laughing and giggling as I filled the molds where thousands of fragrances combinations were running through my head. I wonder if this is called “the bomb rush”? J What a fun and easy way to be and get creative.

Being in my early 50’s, I can’t tell you how your inspirational articles have touched my heart…especially the one about “Reinventing Yourself”. I read that article several times finding the tears rolling down my face and a lump in throat. It was if you were talking to and about ME! I’ve never been “creative”, but always challenging myself to try. Now, between your website content, your beautifully written articles and a heart FULL of wanting to establish a business..Here I go!

Thank you so kindly for somehow reaching inside of me and showing me “I can do it too!”


Friday, November 06, 2009

Below is a excerpt from a letter enclosed with this week's employee paychecks. Every year, GoPlanet selects a number of worthy causes to support with monetary or gift donations. This is the second year we have elected to support Samaritan's Purse, a Christian relief organization led by Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham).

Dear Employees:

Attached is a check for you to cash and shop for your "Shoebox Christmas Child". It is your responsibilty to shop on your own time and to fill your shoe box with items appropriate for the age of the child you select. I will provide the plastic shoe box.

The shoebox relief program is part of your partnership and employment with GoPlanet. As you know, GoPlanetEarth is commited to giving to those in need locally and around the world.



GoPlanet welcomes your donated $$'s to support this project. We are shipping the shoe boxes on Friday, Nov 20th. Our shopping cart includes an area for those wanting to donate to the Samaritan Project. Our staff will put together additional shoeboxes based on the dollars received through customer donations. Each shoebox will contain approximately $25 in items. My staff is especially excited this year as Samaritan Purse is following our boxes so we can discover their destination.

Whether you donate to this cause, or others, I pray you uplift those in need this holiday season.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Donating for a Cause

A good friend phoned last night to ask if she could stop by before I started my work day on Wednesday. I hadn't seen her in a while and wasn't sure what the visit entailed.

My friend and her husband owned a very reputable Kitchen and Bath company in our area. Through the years, their company has done a tremendous amount of work for me on both a personal and business level. Last summer, their company went out of business. The economy was so distressed that they couldn't stay afloat. Like so many, they are living paycheck to paycheck (if there is a paycheck that week) and looking for ways to pay for their son's upcoming college education plus all the expenses that go along with having a high school senior. Oh, and did I mention the family has no health insurance? The job she was able to find at a local credit union pays minimal wages with limited hours and no benefits. Her husband is taking every odd job he can find but there is little work in Michigan for even the most industrious worker.

Why am I sharing this? Because this dear friend who is struggling to keep her home from going into foreclosure, put food on the table, and find a means to just pay for health care basics (like a mammogram) was asking for help. Not for herself, but for others.

Her current employer is offering a Home for the Holiday Home Giveaway. This project will provide two area families with quality homes (mortgage FREE)! These are foreclosure homes that will be brought up to code and are receiving structural and cosmetic improvements. The purpose of my friend's visit was to see if my company would be willing to donate.

How selfless! Even in the midst of her own hardship, she is working to make sure the needs of others are met. It was a reminder that the happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything that they have. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply, and give until there's nothing left to give.

Yes, our company donated!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Bins are Stacked, We're Ready to Rock!

My staff is ready to rock. This is just one rack of packing bins ready for order fulfillment. Nothing makes us happier than using every available packing bin to fulfill daily orders! As we move into the holiday season, the employees of GoPlanet are working extended hours to ensure orders ship timely. Please allow a minimum of 2 days for order processing during this busy season.

Soap, Soap, Soap. That's my Life

SOAP~SOAP~SOAP accurately describes my life. Maybe that's one of the reasons I love this new mold from Mold Market. Oh, and did I mention it's easy to pour in dual colors, has great depth, and releases like a breeze. The finished soap fits nicely in our clear BO-7 box.

Flower Power Soap Colors Rank #1

I will forever be a late 60's and early 70's hippe child. I loved the bright, vibrant colors displayed on all the posters from the 60's (especially when placed under a black light!). Perhaps this is why I favor GoPlanet's new Flower Child soap colors. They are proving to be a #1 top seller with our customers. These liquid gel, dye-free, cosmetic grade colors are made exclusively for us. Purchase them individually or in a BEST BUY 7 pack.

The colors shown were added to our ultimate clear soap base and were poured into Mold Market's new Retro Curved Top mold.

These colors are everything you want in a soap base and more... the more meaning they can be used in CP soaps as well.

Melt & Pour Soap Making: It's Easy as Pie

Mold Market's newest tray mold is topping our list! It's a pie heart. In one pour, you can make 8 pie slice soaps. The PJ injector tool (from our PJ Professional Soap Tool Kit) was used to fill in the white areas. It was a snap and took no time at all.

We used only white soap to fill in the ornate areas, but consider using multiple colors to fill in the ornate areas of each pie slice. Think holidays! How about red & green or royal blue & silver. To package, place each soap slice into a clear "to-go" pie box and serve it up as a holiday hostess gift, secret Santa gift, or stocking stuffer.