Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tips on Making Melt & Pour Soapsicles

I have repeatedly received emails asking for tips on how-to make melt and pour soapsicles. GoPlanet sells the pop mold kit and those purchasing it are wanting help with how to make the soaps and how to release the finished soaps from the mold. Hopefully, this video will offer pointers.

We tested all GoPlanet melt and pour soap bases and found all work well. As this video instructional shows, the soaps will release quite easily when using just a standard kitchen knife. You'll want to watch the video for the details.

Our small soap bags work are the perfect size for wrapping this soap. We used a crinkle soap cutter (we used one from this set) to take a bite from the fudge bar. It was so realistic that my 2 1/2 year old grandaughter actually tried to bite into the soap even though we told her it was soap.

These are such fun soaps and a great hit with kids. I'm planning on doing a batch in December with the gals in my 'Girls Night Out' soap group. Hope you enjoy!

Watch the video:

Mold Market's Holiday Wreath

Holy Shamolee! It has just hit me that the holiday season is almost here. Many of you have already booked craft shows, scheduled Saturday markets, or have retail store displays in the works. By November 1st, everyone will be in full swing for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

GoPlanet's latest melt and pour soap project offers step-by-step (voice narrated) instructions for making melt and pour holiday wreath soaps using Mold Market's wreath mold. Visit GoPlanetEarth for a complete listing of materials needed to complete this project.

View Denise's online video...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Halloween from GoPlanet

Every year GoPlanetEarth sponsors a local kid's event. This year we are helping to sponsor a Trunk or Treat night at a church that hosts some of the coolest young teen events and children programs in our county. We are delighted to be a part of this wonderful organization called The Rock.

To get into the Halloween spirit I decorated the outside of our home for the grandkids. They were thrilled to discover all the scary looking characters and eerie sounds once the sun went down. My husband and I (NeeNee and Poppy) carved pumpkins with the grandkids and paid a visit to a local apple orchard for homemade cider and doughnuts. It was a glorious day!

So, in the spirit of Halloween and all the fun it represents to kids (and adults)... here are Happy Halloween wishes to all of you from GoPlanetEarth. Hope you enjoy!

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Monster-Be-Gone Room Spray

With 3 small grandkids, bedtime MONSTERS have become an issue. Recently, my 5 year-old grand son and I made some awesome "Monster-Be-Gone" spray to keep those bed time monsters at bay. We spray the "Monster Spray" every time the grandkids stay the night.

This is a fun and easy project to do with young children and GoPlanetarth offers all the necessary supplies. Our brief pictorial instructional will show you how to make a fragrant spray that will fight all those under the bed and closet monsters.

Watch the instructional:

Click here to buy a "MONSTERS BE GONE" kit. Includes everything you need to make (4) two ounce spray bottles.

Hemp... an Eco-Friendly Soap Base

GoPlanetEarth was one of the first on-line soap suppliers to offer a high-end hemp melt and pour soap base. We introduced our hemp soap base long before it was an "in-vogue" eco-friendly option. As more and more consumers are looking for "green" options, GoPlanetEarth is there for you. We are continually seeking out products that, we believe, offer eco-earth friendly advantages. For example, did you know that Hemp can be used as a substitution for cotton, requires significantly less water than cotton to grow, produces stronger fibers than cotton, and tends to last longer than cotton. All great reasons to purchase Hemp Soap base as an eco-friendly alternative to your current product line.
Our eco-friendly, earth-friendly symbol is now being displayed on our web site. When you see this symbol, you can order with confidence and know that the product is part of GoPlanetEarth's green commitment. Not every item is offered as eco-friendly, but when that option is available, rest assured, we will always select the "greener" product.

Other "Eco-Friendly" products currently available: