Friday, February 29, 2008

Dolphins in the Sea Melt & Pour Soap

A step-by-step instructional video from Squeaky Clean Productions and Just as dolphins glide through the earth's oceans, you'll glide through your bath or shower with this handcrafted melt and pour dolphin soap. The Dolphin in the Sea instructional was inpsired to to create awareness of dolphins in captivity. If you are creating these soaps for resale, I encourage you to promote the web site.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Customer Shares Melt & Pour Soap Handiwork

I recently received the following customer email and photo. I love when customers share photos of finished melt and pour soaps created with our products. Here is what Pam wrote....

I spoke with you this past Friday regarding the boxes for the Sea Salt Gemstone Soaps and I mentioned to you that I was going to send you a pic of the Spring Fling Butterfly Soaps I made a for a swap. To complete the butterfly theme I used butterfly organza bags to put the finished product in, I hope you enjoy the pic. I am making the Gemstone Soaps for another swap, I'll take a pic of the finished product and send it to you as well. Keep up the good work Denise as I love ordering products from, and although you're a distance from me, (I live in GA), it's worth it, good quality products + excellent customer service = a satisfied customer!!!

Always a loyal customer,

Pamela M.

Thank you, Pam, for sharing your photo. Have a photo of a finished soap created with our products or molds? Send it my way and you could find it showcased in my blog.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grandeous Ideas Downsized

(the grandeous adult version)

(the downsized child version)

Each month my grandson has to take a snack to pre-school to share with 21 other classmates. It is recommended that you bring snacks with some nutritional value which, as you know, eliminates many finger foods. In an effort to help out my pregnant daughter, I offered to take charge of the snack day. My over-acheiving nature kicked into high gear and I left no stone unturned in exploring my options for a snack. I visualized my grandson presenting a tray of snacks to his preschool teacher that would rank at least a 9 on the "Martha" scale (meaning glorious, grandeous, over-the-top, and never been done by another parent!)

As you can see, my plan was to make these really awesome mouse sandwiches using bologna and swiss cheese. How clever is that. Put it all on bread atop a lettuce leaf... I was pumped!! I printed the picture, pasted it to my fridge and plotted how I would hand sculpt each mouse sandwich to perfection. I could barely wait until my grandson arrived on Saturday so I could show him what we were going to make for his snack day.

Just for the record, the second photo with the celery stick is what we will be doing. When I showed my grandson (who is just shy of 5) what we would be doing, he sadly shook his head and said, "But, NeeNee, I wanted to do raisin bugs." I wasn't sure what that was but he was quick to explain that it was peanut butter in celery with raisins on top (those are the bugs). This was all new to me though I'm certain that anyone with children under the age of seven would have known about the snack "Ants on a Log".

So... I didn't get to make my way cool sandwich. But, I won't despair. I'm certain that I can do them another time... maybe for my Bunco gals. Take a look below at a couple of other great sandwich possibilities. And I thought soap was fun! I've discovered a whole other art form.

Monday, February 11, 2008

5 Tips to Help You Grow Your Business

  • A good supplier is invaluable. A great one can make you serious money.

  • Don't hire anyone you can't fire.

  • There is a better way out there. You have to learn from those who have already been successful. Avoid asking people you really like for advice on topics which they have little to no experience.

  • Talking negative about your competitors doesn't really make sense, it only reflects negatively on you. There is enough business to go around for everyone.

  • The best source of advertising is your own customer list. It is the most targeted and will return more on your investment than nearly any other source.

A Fun Favor: Parfait Sea Salts & Soap

An ideal favor for parties or showers from Layers of colorful sea salt in a plastic champagne glass topped off with a layer of soap. A few sprinkles of colored salt and a bath oil bead add the final finishing touches. An ideal favor for baby or wedding showers. An easy soap making craft for kids.

To use the salts, gently release the soap from the glass by sliding a table knife between the top edge of glass and soap. Add 2-3 tablespoons of salt to warm bath water. The bath oil bead can be added to the bath water and the top layer of soap can be used for cleansing the body.

Supplies for this project can be purchased at

Other Creative Ideas
  • Attach a seating card or greeting to one of our lollipop sticks and insert into the salt before pouring the layer of soap.
  • Consider making a chocolate fudge parfait. Use our liquid gel brown to color salts. Rotate salt layers with uncolored salt and mocha colored salts. Top off the salts with a layer of chocolate brown soap (add the brown soap color to clear soap base) sprinkled with white sea salts and a Vanilla Bath Oil bead.
View the instructional video:

A Winter Serenade

I was in awe of my Creator as I witnessed the beauty of our most recent Michigan snow storm. It was barely a week ago that we rode out another winter storm and then.... WHAM, another blast of blistery blizzard conditions. Oh how I long for my upcoming trip to Mexico.

Here is the pictorial of this last winter blast that hit our area. I must admit, it was wonderous. These photos were taken from the front and back decks of my home. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Welcome to Another Day in Paradise!

Just another winter wonderland day in Michigan. Last night a heavy snow advisory was issued and we awoke to this glorious sight. Neighborhoods were filled with the whirring sound of snowblower engines as they gracefully spewed snow with volcanic-like action. The video clip below is of my "honey-man" clearing our enourmous drive for the morning commute.

No one is going anywhere fast today and I suspect we will be working with a veerrry limited staff as another 3-5 inches of snow is expected by noon. What is accomplished today will depend on who can make the morning commute. Guessing not many as every school within a 3 county radius is closed!

Fresh fallen snow is always so pristine and clean. Take a look at this photo taken early this morning from my back deck. It was beautiful. The only sound was the deafening silence of the snowflakes dancing from above.
Snowfalls like this allow us to step back, slow our pace, and appreciate the beauty of nature.