Monday, June 23, 2008

Soap Kabobs on Bamboo Skewers

This week our staff had fun making these "kabob" soaps. We elected to use three of our top selling soap bases.... hemp oil, olive oil, and organic. We wanted an earthy feel so we used "earthy" pigments such as red, yellow, brown and orange oxide, plus a small amount of kelly green. Since this was an Asian themed soap, we picked scents with an Asian appeal, like Teak and Sandalwood, Green Tea, Bamboo & Green Tea.

For visual appeal and texture we added medium coarse sea salts, ground oats, and caraway seed. We were pretty happy with the results. I am hoping that the pictorial video we put together will inspire. How about a fruit kabob or chocolate fondue kabobs? Try adding some ground loofah for texture, or botanicals.

If you don't want to use bamboo skewers, use a large-eye needle (found at most craft stores) and thread the soap pieces onto hemp or natural jute cord.

Step-by-step printable instructions should be posted on GoPlanetEarth web site within the next few days. You can view the pictorial video below.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Cupcake Bath Set

Happy Birthday Chocolate Spa Cupcake $29.99

A whimsical Happy Birthday Chocolate Spa Cupcake filled with indulgent chocolate-scented treats, including bath gel, body lotion, foot scrub, a candle and more.

Consider using a chocolate theme for your own bath and body products. GoPlanetEarth's fudge brownie, chocolate cherry and chocolate fragrance oils are ideal for "chocolate" themed products.

Package your "themed" bath products in a large paper bucket available here. Decorate the unprinted bucket with cut-out shapes from up-scale wrapping paper. Adhere the cut out shapes with craft glue. Fill the bucket with colorful paper shred, arrange your product in the bucket and you're good to go. When marketing themed product, you want all of the product, including the bucket, to have the same color scheme.

The gift set pictured is availabe at Costco and includes the following:

16 oz. White Chocolate Bubble Bath
8.4 oz. Cocoa Chocolate Bath Gel
8.4 oz. Milk Chocolate Body Lotion
7.5 oz Chocolate Scented Candle in glass jar
4.4 oz. Chocolate Peppermint Foot Scrub
2.2 oz. Cocoa Chocolate Bath Salts
Plastic Pumps 2-pieces
White Poof Sponge

Friday, June 20, 2008

FREE Tote Bag Offer From Mold Market

Mold Market Tote Bag Mold Market is offering a special promo. If you buy 7 of the Mold Market brand molds you will receive a gift tote made from recycled materials. These are truly quality molds!!

The bag is constructed of 100% non-woven soft textured polypropylene with the look and feel of cloth. Measures 12" x 16" x 6". This bag sports stitched seams for durability, side and bottom gussets for extra room. Tear resistant and water repellent. Perfect for the beach or a day of shopping. Blue color. Hurry.... while quantities last!

Check out a few of the Mold Market mold designs:

Monday, June 02, 2008

Instructional Video: How to Color Sea Salts

How to Color Sea Salts
Looking for an easy way to color your bath sea salts? This short video may help. The "Sea Salt Dyes" from are exceptional. They are a special blend of glycerine and FDA approved lake colors and come in a concentrated form. A 50/50 ratio of water to salt dye can be added to thin it down.

It's OK to use regular tap water. The water will make the product less intense, and easier to blend into the salts. Because glycerine is a natural preservative, you may dilute the product in advance and keep it on your shelf with no fears of it going bad as long as you dilute the salt dye with no more than half water.