Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stenciling on Soap

This week I experimented with our soap stencils using colored mica powder as the medium. Sapphire blue and 24 kt. gold mica powders were used for this celestial star soap. I used a plain white square soap (a Mold Market mold), but any basic shape can be used as long as the surface is flat.

The secret to stenciling with mica powder is controlling the amount of powder on your brush. You must use dabbing, stippling motions with the brush and make sure that your stencil is pressed tightly against the face of the soap. Mica is like dust and the particles want to go everywhere.

Pictured is a stenciled soap with a ribbon design (ribbon stencil available from These would make great soaps for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic.Thank you for the instruction video as all tips are priceless.