Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Make these Melt & Pour Autumn Soaps

For those living in the East and Midwest, Fall is just around the corner. The wonderous smells of Fall evoke a host of childhood memories. I made these soaps in an Apple Autumn scent (a specialty blend of GoPlanetEarth.com). The day after these soaps were made, my staff came into work and wanted to know what that "awesome" smell was in the work room. It was the Apple Autumn fragrance.

As much as I hate to see summer end, I also look forward to the glorious Indian Summers that Michigan is known for. We have a put together a pictorial video of how to make our Autumn soaps. You will want to snatch up a Mold Market Maple Leaf mold for this project. It has fabulous depth for the various color pours.

Soap colors are all available from GoPlanetearth.com. We used several of the mineral oxides and addeded some 24-kt gold mica for shimmer. Look for another post (coming soon) on how these soaps were sliced to make another gorgeous Fall soap.

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Anonymous said...

Great instructional video! The soaps look beautiful and very easy to make.