Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hemp... an Eco-Friendly Soap Base

GoPlanetEarth was one of the first on-line soap suppliers to offer a high-end hemp melt and pour soap base. We introduced our hemp soap base long before it was an "in-vogue" eco-friendly option. As more and more consumers are looking for "green" options, GoPlanetEarth is there for you. We are continually seeking out products that, we believe, offer eco-earth friendly advantages. For example, did you know that Hemp can be used as a substitution for cotton, requires significantly less water than cotton to grow, produces stronger fibers than cotton, and tends to last longer than cotton. All great reasons to purchase Hemp Soap base as an eco-friendly alternative to your current product line.
Our eco-friendly, earth-friendly symbol is now being displayed on our web site. When you see this symbol, you can order with confidence and know that the product is part of GoPlanetEarth's green commitment. Not every item is offered as eco-friendly, but when that option is available, rest assured, we will always select the "greener" product.

Other "Eco-Friendly" products currently available:

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