Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Melt & Pour Soap Making: It's Easy as Pie

Mold Market's newest tray mold is topping our list! It's a pie heart. In one pour, you can make 8 pie slice soaps. The PJ injector tool (from our PJ Professional Soap Tool Kit) was used to fill in the white areas. It was a snap and took no time at all.

We used only white soap to fill in the ornate areas, but consider using multiple colors to fill in the ornate areas of each pie slice. Think holidays! How about red & green or royal blue & silver. To package, place each soap slice into a clear "to-go" pie box and serve it up as a holiday hostess gift, secret Santa gift, or stocking stuffer.


mKat said...

How do you prevent colours from bleeding? I have not made soap (of any kind) yet but I really want to try. I've been seeing lots of lovely soaps but I'm afraid to waste a ton of money on product and colorants only to find it won't turn out!

Denise said...

You will want to use non-migrating/non-bleeding colors. GoPlanetEarth.com offers a large selection of these color types as liquid gels. You don't want to over-color though as this will present color issues. Email me if you have questions :)