Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day Bragging Rights

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Pictured above is my youngest grandson, Fischer. He's got the biggest blue eyes ever seen and curly locks that will one day melt the heart of some special woman. He had to try on big brother's Leprechaun outfit.

Here is Miss O and her baby brother showcasing their St. Patty T-shirts. Their Grandpa (my son-in-laws Dad) is a retired fire chief with the Detroit Fire Dept. It's no secret that the fire department guys (no matter where you live) celebrate St. Patty's day in a big way. It just wouldn't be right if the grandkids didn't have the appropriate attire.

And here is my oldest grandson, my buddy that is so dear to my heart. He's all dressed for his school party. Geezz, I never had a St. Patrick's Day party when I was in school. Of course, what are the options since most religious holiday are now banned in schools. Sad, but true.

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Anonymous said...

The shirts are just adorable! I especially love your older grandson's outfit. How festive is that?!
My two young boys had their Irish shirts on that day, Kiss me I am Irish pins and I sprayed painted their hair green! My youngest who is five said he wants his hair sprayed for every holiday now lol So, for easter he is thinking yellow! What did I get myself in to?? lol