Thursday, May 30, 2013

Made in the USA Cupcake Soap

Our Soap Chick, Sophie, has been at it again. This "Made in the USA" cupcake soap was inspired by nothing other than the American flag.
Sophie used Mold Market's cupcake base and Mold Market's large bath bomb mold. The stars were hand-cut from red and blue soap. You can also use varying sizes of star cookie cutters.

Score the cupcake base with fork prongs to help seat the cupcake top. Clear, melted soap secures the two pieces together as well as the stars.

Sophie used white soap base in this project so the red and blue colors don't really POP. I suggest using clear soap and red colorant for the cupcake base and pour the top in white soap along with clear soap (add ultramarine blue to the clear soap).

Using clear soap would give the same red and blue colors in the American flag.

Other ideas for the Made in the USA soap:

  • Pour the top in alternating blue and white colors only make the stripes thinner
  • Use clear soap for the first layer of the top and embed a star, sprinkle with silver glitter. Pour remainder of top in stripes.
  • Make the cupcake base blue and the stripes white and red


Anne-Marie said...

Those are absolutely adorable! =)

Denise said...

Thanks, Anne-Marie! Sophie does a great job coming up with unique ideas. She just graduated with a Criminal Justice degree, but continues to do soaping projects for me.