Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Yes, that would be me, the owner of GoPlanetEarth getting ready to great guests at my grandson's birthday party. He turned five and all he could talk about was his Cat in the Hat party. It was a huge success and all twelve guests had a great time collecting tickets to cash in at the candy bar and prize tables.

The birthday boy, Fischer, is pictured (center) along with his brother and sister.

There were truffula trees, a photo station, candy bar, games, coloring, lunch and most important, gifts! Fischer was the perfect host greeting his guests as they arrived to Seussville.

(And, yes, I know I spelled Seussville wrong on the entry sign.) Thankfully, none of the kids noticed and most can't read yet.

Seuss Lunch Station

The lunch station (pictured right) was set up on the wood floor. It included PBJ sandwiches from Costco, GoGo Squeez applesauce, Gogurt, cupcakes and Dr. Seuss coloring pages.

The Birthday Boy



The coloring pages entertained the guests while waiting for everyone to arrive.
Photo Station
Games included a blindfold/seek duck pond, spin the Seuss wheel and a ring toss. Each game gave the kids an opportunity to win tickets to cash in at the candy bar and prize table.
The party was originally planned outdoors but the weather was somewhat "iffy"; I opted for plan B, an indoor celebration.
The thank you cards were handed out at the end of the party. Each guest received a photo card from the photo shoot.

So many things to buy with my tickets.

Candy Bar

Cashing in tickets was the best part. It was so hard to decide on what to pick. The kids drew numbers to determine the line order. Of course, the birthday boy went first.


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