Wednesday, July 09, 2014


It has taken a year of planning to get this Italy trip on the calendar and I can't believe it is happening this month (July 19 - July 29). Jenni, my A.T.I director, will handle "All Things Important"while I am away. I have total confidence in her ability to run business operations as usual. Nichelle and Chelsea will oversee warehouse operations to ensure orders are processed timely.

The Italy trip will encompass travels to Milano, Venice, Tuscany, Siena, Florence and Lake Garda. With my husband being in the fine wine business, there are many travel perks which we will enjoy; including 5-star hotels and a 3-night stay at Castle Vicchiomaggio in Tuscany.


There are currently a number of business changes in the works which includes a 15-cent price increase on Mold Market molds. Our last price increase was over 3 years ago and we are no longer able to  absorb the continued price increase of plastic materials.

The updated prices go into effect September 1, 2014, and will appear on both Mold Market, Amazon and GoPlanetEarth web sites.

At the same time, order fulfillment for Mold Market customers (both retail, Amazon and wholesale distributors) will shift to our facility in Washington state. I am now determining the best way to make this transition as smooth as possible in both shipping costs and time in transit.

In January 2015 all Mold Market mold productions will be done at our Washington plant. This added benefit guarantees you will consistently receive the best product and materials in the market as we personally implement quality-control checks on every production.

There are so many new, exciting things going on in the background that I can't share yet; but stay tuned.

Here is a brief video clip of our recent trip to Washington. It shows how Mold Market molds are formed by one of the top USA mold makers in the industry. Lucky us (and you), to have an exclusive contract with the best of the best.

I look forward to sharing my wonderful Italy trip as well as all the exciting things in the works at Mold Market and GoPlanetEarth.

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Sneha said...

this looks so cool! I'm going to Italy next month as well, super excited! :)