Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm taking a brief respite

To those customers who have emailed asking if everything is OK, I answer with a wholehearted YES! Some of you have grown concerned that I may have dropped off the face of the planet because I haven't been posting to the Blog. Not true! I'm just taking a much needed respite to regroup, enjoy the remainder of our short Michigan summers, and to prepare for the fast approaching holiday season.

I have several upcoming speaking engagements which require special attention and am also working on some "how-to" videos. Oh, and did I mention spending time with my ailing Dad who has bone cancer. So you can see, the Yadda Yadda soap making blog has been temporarily side-stepped to enable me to attend to more pressing business.

Honestly, I was quite surprised to find that a good number of you read the blog on a regular basis. Thanks! If I can ever find a moment to catch a breath, I hope to post soon. I have some great projects in the works and want to get them posted pre-holiday season.

Till then, Happy Soaping!

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