Friday, July 27, 2007

Scrum-dilly-ious Works of Art

Can you believe that these are actually cakes? I was stunned by their beauty. They are all created by artist Shinmin Li who owns I Dream of Cake in San Francisco. I don't think I could bear to cut into one of these signature style masterpieces. It would be akin to taking a knife to a Van Gogh painting.

You might be wondering what one of these stunning cakes will cost. Prices range from $8-25 per serving, depending on size and design and custom cakes start at $350. They come in flavours from chocolate to pumpkin spice.

As I admired these delicious works of art I started wondering if this same artisry could somehow be applied to soap. No doubt it would a daunting task, but I'm convinced it could be done by someone, just not me! I would love to claim that I have risen to this type of artistry in soap, but if challenged, I would fail miserably.

What do you think? Are any of you up to the challenge? I'm thinking that a tiered type soap cake is doable. Hmmm... it's got me thinking. Many of you are pretty talented soapers. What's your thoughts? Some little pea size balls of soap dusted with shimmering mica could be threaded onto fishing line to look like an elegant strand of pearls that drapes over the top of the soap cake. My mind is starting to race with ideas. For now I'll have to sleep on it; but, it's certainly an idea I will revisit.

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