Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Great Holiday Bath Gifts

As the holiday gift season approaches it becomes a personal challenge to scout out unique and fun bath products to give as gifts. Sure, I could make soaps, but it's sometimes fun to give the unexpected. Here are a few items I'm considering for holiday gift giving. Some of the more inexpensive items will make great stocking stuffers. While others, like the Naughty but Nice lip balm gift set, will make great gifts for my young nieces.

All of these items can be purchased from a UK company called Natural Products Worldwide. This post only shows a small sampling of the clever, one-of-a-kind items they offer. It's a fun site to visit even if you aren't buying.

Have bath time fun with these 30ml Glitter bath cremes in the shape of a skeleton or mummy. Great for small children as a gift or treat, and perfect for big kids, who love spoiling themselves with little bath products! Around $2.45 each in US funds. Available in pirate designs as well.

A handy, single use dissolving soap in a dispenser, (which can be wall mounted). Simply tear off a strip, wash your hands under running water and watch the vegetable-based soap dissolve leaving your hands clean and fresh. This one happens to be a Green Apple scent. Around $9.00 in US funds.

This is the perfect gift if you don't know what to get that special someone. It comes beautifully packaged, and contains 2 bath gels, one in the shape of a frog, and one in the shape of a crown, fit for any princess! Around $10.00 in US funds.

MY FAVORITE!! Naughty but Nice, Six yummy pots of juicy and creamy lip gloss styled in the shape of your favourite pattiserie pleasures, most enjoyable and perfect for sharing with friends, girlie sleep over’s, or just for oneself! These little lip smacking beauties are too good to eat, calorie free and are the perfect treat! Around $25 in US funds.

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