Friday, September 28, 2007

Thanks to Kaylee and Marissa!! You made my birthday special

Today is officially my birthday. It was an off day for me from the get-go, though it had nothing to do with another birth year. It was just one of those days that had a rough start. I honestly think it's related to sheer exhaustion. Working 12-14 hour days, and then trying to find time for family and friends is taking its toll. Next week, my honey and I fly to Chicago for a long weekend. It's a much needed and much deserved get-away!! We have tickets to see the Broadway production of Wicked. O.K, I got side-tracked. The reason for this post is to thank two of my long time employees for such a wonderful birthday.

Kaylee and Marissa have been with the company for 3 years. Both are incredible gals and very loyal. They are working their way through college and two employees I count on to run things when I'm away. Today, they showed up at my home with a floral bouquet and lunch. They did all this while still working to get your orders ready (not to mention, Marissa had 29 boxes of incoming stock to put away at the warehouse!!). I just want to post a special thank you to both of these girls for thinking of me today. Their card read...."To the Best Boss Ever!" It made my day.

Also, a special thank you to my honey man. I awoke to a scrumptous Boston cream cake, flowers, balloons, and a great card! Tonight we are celebrating with dinner at The Earl in Ann Arbor (it's to die for!). I must also throw out a special thanks to my grandkids. They sent me a floral arrangement which included Gerber favorite. Had I received any more flowers it would have felt like a funeral instead of a birthday.

What a wonderful birthday. A host of cards from family and friends, flowers, a cake... my spirits were lifted and once again I'm reminded life is good. It's nice to be remembered.

Thank you to everyone who made this day special.

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