Friday, February 01, 2008

Welcome to Another Day in Paradise!

Just another winter wonderland day in Michigan. Last night a heavy snow advisory was issued and we awoke to this glorious sight. Neighborhoods were filled with the whirring sound of snowblower engines as they gracefully spewed snow with volcanic-like action. The video clip below is of my "honey-man" clearing our enourmous drive for the morning commute.

No one is going anywhere fast today and I suspect we will be working with a veerrry limited staff as another 3-5 inches of snow is expected by noon. What is accomplished today will depend on who can make the morning commute. Guessing not many as every school within a 3 county radius is closed!

Fresh fallen snow is always so pristine and clean. Take a look at this photo taken early this morning from my back deck. It was beautiful. The only sound was the deafening silence of the snowflakes dancing from above.
Snowfalls like this allow us to step back, slow our pace, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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