Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grandeous Ideas Downsized

(the grandeous adult version)

(the downsized child version)

Each month my grandson has to take a snack to pre-school to share with 21 other classmates. It is recommended that you bring snacks with some nutritional value which, as you know, eliminates many finger foods. In an effort to help out my pregnant daughter, I offered to take charge of the snack day. My over-acheiving nature kicked into high gear and I left no stone unturned in exploring my options for a snack. I visualized my grandson presenting a tray of snacks to his preschool teacher that would rank at least a 9 on the "Martha" scale (meaning glorious, grandeous, over-the-top, and never been done by another parent!)

As you can see, my plan was to make these really awesome mouse sandwiches using bologna and swiss cheese. How clever is that. Put it all on bread atop a lettuce leaf... I was pumped!! I printed the picture, pasted it to my fridge and plotted how I would hand sculpt each mouse sandwich to perfection. I could barely wait until my grandson arrived on Saturday so I could show him what we were going to make for his snack day.

Just for the record, the second photo with the celery stick is what we will be doing. When I showed my grandson (who is just shy of 5) what we would be doing, he sadly shook his head and said, "But, NeeNee, I wanted to do raisin bugs." I wasn't sure what that was but he was quick to explain that it was peanut butter in celery with raisins on top (those are the bugs). This was all new to me though I'm certain that anyone with children under the age of seven would have known about the snack "Ants on a Log".

So... I didn't get to make my way cool sandwich. But, I won't despair. I'm certain that I can do them another time... maybe for my Bunco gals. Take a look below at a couple of other great sandwich possibilities. And I thought soap was fun! I've discovered a whole other art form.

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Sooooo darling!! I love your cell phones!