Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Cupcake Bath Set

Happy Birthday Chocolate Spa Cupcake $29.99

A whimsical Happy Birthday Chocolate Spa Cupcake filled with indulgent chocolate-scented treats, including bath gel, body lotion, foot scrub, a candle and more.

Consider using a chocolate theme for your own bath and body products. GoPlanetEarth's fudge brownie, chocolate cherry and chocolate fragrance oils are ideal for "chocolate" themed products.

Package your "themed" bath products in a large paper bucket available here. Decorate the unprinted bucket with cut-out shapes from up-scale wrapping paper. Adhere the cut out shapes with craft glue. Fill the bucket with colorful paper shred, arrange your product in the bucket and you're good to go. When marketing themed product, you want all of the product, including the bucket, to have the same color scheme.

The gift set pictured is availabe at Costco and includes the following:

16 oz. White Chocolate Bubble Bath
8.4 oz. Cocoa Chocolate Bath Gel
8.4 oz. Milk Chocolate Body Lotion
7.5 oz Chocolate Scented Candle in glass jar
4.4 oz. Chocolate Peppermint Foot Scrub
2.2 oz. Cocoa Chocolate Bath Salts
Plastic Pumps 2-pieces
White Poof Sponge

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