Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to Make Oreo-Type Chocolate Covered Cookies

GoPlantEarth offers a nice selection of molds for making chocolate covered cookies. This is a great gift for the upcoming holidays and fun for the whole family. You can find the chocolate wafers (both dark and white chocolate) at local craft stores. I've listed links below on where to find these cool chocolate cookies molds on our web site, PLUS an instructional on how to make them.

Imperial Cherry, Awareness Ribbon, Plumeria, Stemmed Rose, Pumpkin, Cross, Bunny Rabbit, Easter Egg, Teddy Bear, Bride & Groom, Double Heart, Large Single Heart, Christmas Tree, Snowman

Remember, these same molds are also ideal for melt and pour soaps. They're a perfect guest size, approximately 2 ounces. We've used this same cookie principle but substituted a layer of chocolate brown soap; then, a layer of white soap frosting (see our video on soap frosting), and a final layer of chocolate soap.

Watch the video:

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