Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Years!

Here it is, 2009! Wow, this year sure blew by. Maybe it's age, but it seems like the years pass more quickly. GoPlanet would like to send out wishes to each of you for a prosperous and healthy 2009.

So, what does this New Year hold? The biggest concern seems to be the economy. You cannot turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without encountering gloom and doom. When people perceive the economy to be bad, we look for what we can cut out of our budget. We tend to get in panic mode, over a major decline in business as we watch CNN or Fox News. There seems to be nothing but calamity and ruin in the future forecast. Maybe this is the year we stop tuning into every news show and realize that life is still good; life is still abundant.

Walk your dogs, make soap, enjoy your family instead of letting FOX news scarce the pants off you. Yes, you may have to cut back on spending, but don't stop the "flow" of spending. Stopping the flow could be America's demise. And, yes, I do have a clue about what I'm talking about. I live in one of the most economically depressed States in the US. Michigan is suffering all-time high layoffs. We are an automotive state and guess what? Cars "ain't selling, the Big-Three is looking for "bailouts", and friends and family are facing lay-offs or losing jobs. But there is hope.

In hard times, great men and women are shaped. Businesses become more inventive as they restructure, trim fat, and rethink ways to help customers save. All in all, I look forward to 2009.

Our staff wants to thank each and everyone one of our customers for your continued support. We will continue to look for ways to help you save and to offer exceptional product at the best prices possible. I encourage you to sign up for our newsletters for unadvertised savings.

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