Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update to Mold Market Sheep Mold Post

After posting info about Mold Market's new sheep mold (due for release in late February), I received an email from a hotel in Ecuador. Andres, the owner of Black Sheep Inn, was interested in this mold to promote their hotel in the high Andes. What an incredible place!! I am committed to visiting this hotel within the next year. Awesome views, great prices, and on top of all that... they are an eco-certifed hotel with recognition for Best Green Ecological & Community Practices.

Perched on a hillside just outside of the rural village of Chugchilán, their guesthouse, hotel offers all the comforts of home while exploring the real Andes of Ecuador. Day hikes, open air markets, local artisans, and awesome views. A gourmet vegetarian DINNER, farm fresh BREAKFAST, and packed LUNCH; also free tea & coffee all day long, purified drinking water, hiking maps & hot showers. I am sooooo ready!!

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