Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Springfetti Melt & Pour Soap Slices

The Springfetti soap slices are a confetti tye-dye blending of colors. We were pleasantly surprised with the color effect once the loaf was sliced. It presented a wonderful splash of Easter colors, perfect for any Easter basket, or in our case, table setting.

We used our 2-pound wooden loaf mold which yielded 8 generous slices weighing 4.25 to 5 ounces per slice. We didn't use our mitre box soap cutter for this loaf project, otherwise the slices would have been more uniform in per slice weight. Instead, we opted to use a large chef's knife for slicing.

The tutorial shown below will walk you through the steps of making this colorful Sringfetti soap. You will find all of the supplies needed to complete this project at, including the awesome wooden loaf. I do suggest that you melt more than 2 pounds of soap. In the end, including the colorful confetti pieces, we used closer to 3 pounds of soap. I would rather have more melted soap on hand, than not enough.

Finished soaps were wrapped with stretch wrap and labels applied to backside. I'm going to use these soaps as seating cards for Easter dinner. I've printed Happy Easter bunny place cards and taped to front of each soap (with double-sided tape).



Lisa @ Serah's said...

Those are amazing spring soaps! I just created my Bunny Corn Cupcake Soap with spring colors too! I love spring! Don't you?!

Personalizing the soaps are a great idea!

Denise said...

Thanks, Lisa. I'll have to check out your new bunny cupcake soap. Thinking it's something the grandkids would love. You know how much I love your products. Thanks for the comment.

Mindy said...

Those are really neat, I wouldn't of known they were M&P if you wouldn't of wrote it.

Might have to make me some tonight.

Thanks again