Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Line a Wooden Loaf Mold for Easy Release

How to Line a Wooden Soap MoldSoap is easy to release and, best yet, it can be used for Melt and Pour soap as well as CP soap. One key factor that contributes to easy release for melt and pour soap is that all four sides lift up off the base. It's a breeze to push the finished soap out of the mold. I just finished a melt and pour Easter loaf (which I'll talk about in another blog post) and it turned out beautifully. I was impressed at how well the wooden mold worked for melt and pour soap.

Wooden Soap Molds from GoPlanetEarth.comAnother key factor for release, and VERY CRITICAL, is making sure the wooden mold is lined properly. GoPlanetEarth has put together a video tutorial (see below) showing the method we use to line a wooden loaf mold. It has proven to work well for us and we've experienced no leakage around the base of mold.

Top of wooden mold lifts up from base for easy release.
If you are still concerned about leakage issues after lining mold, I suggest purchasing dental wax and push into the areas you think could be problematic. Dental wax is very pliable and easy to remove and reuse. You don't want an overkill with the wax. It could impede removing the top portion of the mold from the base and you won't be able to remove your soap.

Here's the tutorial. Hope you find it helpful!

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jillewilliams89 said...

so easy to line the loaf mold this way! I don't have one of these molds but still used the technique and it works. Just finagled it a little! Wonderful! Never will worry about lining again!