Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Printable Templates for Use with GPE Soap Paper

We've made it easier than ever to print on our GPE Soap Paper. We've uploaded a printable template for use with many of the Mold Market basic mold shapes. Print your artwork onto a sheet of GPE Soap Paper. Cut out the template shapes and trace shapes to fit the face of the mold.

Template is for use with the following Mold Market molds:

#001 Basic Rectangle mold, #003 Beveled Border Rectangle mold, #005 Basic Oval mold, #006 Beveled Oval mold, #007 Beveled Border Oval, #009 Basic Circle, #011 Beveled Border Circle, #013 Basic Square, #015 Beveled Border Square


Gitanjali said...

this looks really cool. what is the paper made out of? this is important to know for labeling purposes.

Denise said...

Paper is a very thin vinyl with water-soluble release agent layer that is similar components to those of a general paste. The release agent is proprietary.