Monday, May 11, 2009

A Special Mother's Day Tree

For the past few years, the grandkids have given me a tree to plant on Mother's Day to commemorate their birth year. This year, I was gifted a tree from my youngest grandson, Fischer (who turns one in June). His big brother, Carson, was sooo excited to show me the special tree.

Carson made me close my eyes and led me by hand through the front door, down a number of deck steps, to behold this glorious flowering tree. As I stood in front of the tree, my grandson said, "OK, NeeNee, open your eyes... SURPRISE! Isn't it so beautiful?" My heart melted.

I had one heck of a wonderful Mother's Day. I celebrated with my Mom, daughter/son-in-law/grandkids, sister, and niece. My terrific honey-man prepared an incredible food feast and we all hung out and chatted fireside after stuffing our faces. Yes! It was chilly enough for a fire. It was a day to rejoice as I shared time with my family!

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