Sunday, August 09, 2009

Salty Watermelon Soap Slices...yummm!

One of our latest melt and pour soaping projects is a salty watermelon log scented with GoPlanet's watermelon taffy fragrance. The tutorial will be online soon. The soap log was made using Mold Market mold #142 rounded loaf mold. Our finished log yielded 11 watermelon slices in generous 1-inch thick cuts. Each slice averages 4 ounces.

Melt & Pour Watermelon Soap
If you want to get even more creative, you can add strips of black soap to imitate black watermelon seeds. We opted for a salty version this go around. The soaps have the look of jumbo sour watermelon candy; the kind I use to buy as a kid in days gone by.

Mold Market Rounded Loaf Soap Mold
The Mold Market loaf mold used is pictured above and available at

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GetSoaked said...

These look so realistic! I want to eat them! Fantastic!