Sunday, August 30, 2009

Melt & Pour Soaps: Autumn / Halloween Roll-Ups

Autumn Roll Up Soaps from
GoPlanetEarth's newest soaping project will be posted soon: Autumn Roll Up soaps. Just in time for the Halloween and Fall season. We used pumpkin orange and black oxide to colors the roll-ups picutred; but, you can make them in a host of other complementary colors. Consider red and green for Christmas or red and white for Valentine's Day. Get creative by using different cut out shapes. We used round cutters, but there's plenty of other options such as hearts, Christmas trees, candy canes... you get the idea.

How to Make Autumn Roll Up Melt & Pour Soaps
Watch for GoPlanet's upcoming tutorial on how to make these soaps. The soaps pictured were scented with Autumn Woods, but other Fall fragrances such as A Roll in the Hay, Harvest Moon, Apple Autumn, Pumpkin and Harvest Spice are sure to be a hit. All of these soap scents can be purchased from

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