Monday, September 21, 2009

Melt & Pour Soap Making: More Halloween Soap Ideas

This weekend was devoted to making fun soaps for my grandkids. I've already shared the bloody, slimy brain soap in a previous post (tutorial is upcoming). Here are 3 more soaps designs that I played with and that the grandkids loved. The bendable skeleton soap is very easy to make and ideal for younger kids ages 4-7 (with adult supervision, of course!). They especially like applying the blood colored soap. It can be done in about 30 minutes which is geat since kid's attention span is so short lived.

Halloween Skeleton Soap
The two soaps pictured below are more time consuming due to the multiple colors used in the skull. You can definitely shorten the time involved by pouring the skull in one color. I hope to have the FREE tutorials for these soaps up this week. All of the supplies used can be purchased at You can find countless other soap making tutorials in the PROJECTS section of our web site.

Halloween Skull Soap

Halloween Skull Soap

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