Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Cool Packaging Option for our Sushi Soap Rolls

Sushi Soap Rolls
Every Sunday my husband and I grocery shop at a local market. It's always been a tradition to purchase freshly made sushi from the deli counter for Sunday brunch. There's nothing better than fresh tuna sushi with a glass of Sake. This week the girls at the deli counter were kind enough to give me a couple of bento boxes so I could display our newest soap... Sushi Soap Log.

As you can see, once the sushi soap slices are wrapped and placed in the container (along with some bento grass), they look incredibly life-like. Almost good enough to eat. I'm not so sure GoPlanetEarth will be offering these Asian style bento boxes, but they are readily available from local markets and Asian restaurants. My guess is that local stores and restaurants would be willing to sell you a few of these trays along with the bento grass. If not, there are plenty of online stores that sell these types of boxes.

Be sure to check out our sushi soap log tutorial here.

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