Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elfcapades Countdown: The Arrival

For those of you following the journey of the Magic Elves, they have safely landed from the North Pole. At 10 am this morning I received a phone call from my six year grandson, Carson. He was excited to the max and I could barely get in a word as he explained how the elves were magic and came to life when there was no one around. He couldn't wait to go outside and play so that his elf, Freckles, could come to life.

Three year old Olivia also talked about her Elf Giggles. I'm not so sure she understands the concept, but she finds her elf adorable. For her, I think it will be more about the naughty and nice idea. She's a little spitfire, so I'm sure her mommy is hoping that Giggles will prompt some good behavior.

Since the Magic Elves can only communicate in writing, my grandson has already had mommy write a note to Elf Freckles to see if he wants to attend the Annie Musical tomorrow afternoon. I do hope Freckles responds with a YES! After the show, NeeNee (that would be me) is taking Carson for a crab dinner at Lucky's Steakhouse. Oh, how I love this season and the joys of watching a child's imagination in action. I am anxious to see what kind of mischief the elves will get into this evening while the kids are sleeping.


I recently ordered the book The Elf on the Shelf. When it arrived, the hard-bound book cover was upside down. If you held the book with the front cover facing you, the pages in the book are upside down. Very strange. I called the publisher and they sent a new book right away. Since I have both books, my daughter is going to incorporate this publishing error into a little elf mischief. She will first read the book with the correct cover. Then, a few nights later, she will read the book again. However, this time the book cover will be upside down and there's no one to blame but those mischievous elves! This should definitely lend authenticity to the elve's magic.

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