Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Secret Santa Elves Arrive by Sleigh!!

Giggles Twinklewink, Freckles Mincemeat and Dimples Tumblefluff arrive tomorrow via sleigh to my grandkids home. For those of you following my blog, you know that there are two things I love in life... SOAP and my GRANDKIDS.

The secret elves is a new tradition this year for the grandkids and it's truly been a labor of love considering my busy work schedule. My daughter is a K-8 Assistant Principal and as a Mom to a six, three, and 18 month year old, I knew she would never have time to put this whole event together. Every extra minute I've had to spare has been commited to this 14-day Secret Elf event.

Tomorrow the elves will land on the front porch of the grandkids home along with passports, naughty & nice folders, and a letter from Santa explaining their arrival. The Magic Elves will remain with the kids until Christmas Eve at which time Santa will collect them as he make his deliveries. Any mischief or acts of naughtiness will be recorded in the journals and a report will be given to Santa on who has been naughty and who has been nice. These Magic Elves will explore the house from top to bottom to make sure that everyone in the family is behaving themselves.

Of course, these Magic Elves can be very mischievous and I have a whole agenda of what will transpire. I think the kids will get a big kick out of this new holiday tradition. If you would like to see the letter I composed from Santa and the passports/naughty/nice folders I designed, please email me. I would be happy to share.

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