Monday, January 18, 2010

More Designer Soap Fun with GPE Paper

More printable soap fun using our GPE paper.

Watch our FREE tutorial and learn how to make these snazzy looking melt & pour soaps. These are some of the latest designs done by our staff using the GPE printable soap paper. It's sooo easy. All you need is colorful artwork and a printer (we offer the paper in both ink jet and laser). Think of all the neat Valentine soaps you can make!

You can purchase a printed tutorial that includes templates for several of the Mold Market basic shape molds. However, you can use many other Mold Market molds that are not included in the printed tutorial (such as the plain heart) by tracing the shape of the mold cavity onto plain paper. Cut out the traced shape and use as a template when printing your artwork onto the GPE paper.


mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Thanks! I need to try this again.; I have tried it before with the GPE paper and the paper stuck well but within a day peeled off. I suspect my high humidity down here is the problem. ANy suggestions for tips on getting it to permanently stick? Thanks!! I love this blog!

Denise said...

Hi Amy,
You will never get the paper to permanently stick, however, it should last through several showers. I had one that lasted right up until the soap was almost gone. I was amazed!

You are right about the humidity, it will likely cause the paper to slide off the soap surface. Apart from positioning the paper art under a layer of clear soap, there aren't any options.

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Thanks Denise! Man, this humidity really puts a damper on my soapmaking!!!

When I had tried it peeled off pretty fast. Hmm. Perhaps I will try again under a clear layer! :) Thanks!!