Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Mom: The Horrible Effects of Cancer

Those who follow my blog know that I lost my Dad to Cancer in September of 2008. I watched the devastating effects of prostate and bone cancer cripple a man full of strength and vigor. I now watch as my precious Mom endures the effects of this disease. This week, she had cancer removed from her nose (this is the 4th recurrence). The cancer was very invasive and reconstructive surgery was necessary.

I spent all day Thursday at U of M Ann Arbor hospital while she underwent reconstructive nose surgery. The plastic surgeon was amazing. Even though this picture looks pretty frightening, the end results will be incredible. They have rebuilt the cartilage and bone in the nose and grafted skin from the forhead to sculpt a new nose.

In another 3 weeks they will trim away the skin at the bridge of her nose and, believe it or not, she will begin to heal and look normal. I have posted this picture as an example of the heartache that so many individuals are going through with this terrible disease. My Mom is 79 years old and it breaks my heart to see her in this state.

There are some who may find this post offensive. I don't apologize. This is real life and cancer is ugly. I hope it prompts you to join the fight against this killer disease. I will be posting the final results of my Mom's reconstructive surgery once she heals (in about 4 weeks).

For those of you suffering from cancer, my prayers are with you. For those wanting to help fight this disease, plan to participate in the 2010 Relay for Life event.


Anonymous said...

My prayers and blessings are with your sweet, strong mother.

Snowberry Creek said...

My prayers to your mom & you. She is a strong, courageous woman. Thanks to you & her for sharing her story so it may help others.

My dad lost his battle with cancer in Nov. 2009. He had colon/rectal cancer in 2005, a stroke in 2008 & the cancer recurred in July of 2009. He fought a long, hard battle to the very end.

You are right - cancer is ugly, debilitating, heartbreaking and causes great amounts of suffering to those who have the disease.

ctemommy said...

In the summer of 08 my mom had half of her nose removed due to basal cell carcinoma that she ignored. Luckily it didn't get into her bone but she looked just like the picture of your mom. She had reconstructive surgery and now you can't even tell it was there! I'll be praying for your mom's continued healing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had my surgery sinus and brain with my incision from ear to ear over my entire hairline and it was horrible.. (down at the Medical university in Charleston, SC-MUSC they call this the autopsy cut) (yikes, ouch eckk) in 2005..When I saw your Mom's pictures it reminded me so much of the awful pain I went thru with a 9 month old baby and a recent widow. How I made it I'll never know but something tells me I didn't someone carried me thru this ordeal as it has your Mom...God bless you and your Mom ((((hugs)))thank goodness she has survived and has such a sweet daughter..
I was stiched and stapled with over 175 staples..It was an ordeal as you can imagine and I'm sure your mom's has been.
God Bless you for showing her photo to others and bringing attention to this horrific disease called, CANCER!
I'm 41 and I battled with it for 5 years. I'm cancer free to 1 year.
I'm an organic soapmaker doing what I love firthering my education in all thing's essential Aromatherapy..etc., trying to get my PHD in Holistic Theology..
thing's are good now..
cancer rob's us of our most dearest..
I'm speechless now..
Blessings to you--Robin--