Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blimpy Girl: Eating to Lose Tip #1

Tip #1:
Set a table that makes you want to linger. If you plate your food for portion control and set a pretty table, you will eat slower and take time to savor the meal. It's like eating out at a fine restaurant. Flowers can help set the eating atmosphere.

I happen to have plenty of cut flowers in my garden this time of year. The top photo displays cut peonies and hosta leaves from my garden. I always keep vases filled with marbles or pebbles. Cut the flowers, fill with water and presto. Instant arrangement. The marbles inside the vase really help to keep your flowers in place.

No garden? No fear. The second photo are artificial Gerber daisies that I keep on hand. Add some green leaves from a tree and you're good to go. There is something about flowers that add elegance to a table. There are so many fun things you can do with flower vases. How about adding goldfish? I like that!

I'll continue to post table arranging ideas via my Blimpy Girl tips. Have any ideas of your own? Would love to hear.

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