Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Sophie Soap Chick & My Assistant, Kristy

Our "Sophie Soap Chick" is home from University for the summer. She is working on some soaping projects this week. Today she is pouring up some samples soaps using our latest molds from Mold Market. Excited to see what she does. The above pic is of our Sophie (left) and my assistant, Kristy (right).

Kristy fell off a golf cart this weekend and is suffering from a fractured tailbone injury. She's been off a few days and Sophie has been filling in. Kristy is back to work today, but not without pain. She has herself propped up with pillows on a nice cushie chair. We couldn't convince her to stay home.

So...we are trying to work around all this "life happens" stuff and get your orders out ASAP. Remember, I am leaving for a brief Disney trip with my grand kids Saturday-Tuesday. Things should run as usual, but any international shipments received after Friday of this week will not go out until my return.

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