Sunday, July 29, 2012

Melt & Pour Soap: Slider Burgers & Fries Tutorial

Melt & Pour Soap: Slider Burgers and Fries Tutorial

OK, Maria... this post on "how-to" to make the slider Burgers & Fries soap is for you. Below are the notes we have on file.

  • Clear soap colored with Flower Child Yellow Submarine color
  • Partially fill the square cavity of the basic shape mold
  • Clear soap colored with neon red
  • Partially fill the round cavity of the basic shape mold
  • There are a couple of options. You can use clear soap and color it with neon green and Groovy Green flower child colors (mix to desired color). Or, you can use clear soap, add a small amount (about 10%) of white soap base. The addition of the white base will help soften the green color for a more "lettuce-like" color.
  • Partially fill the square cavity of the basic shape mold
  • Clear soap with a small amount of white base added. Color with yellow oxide (very small amount) and Flower Child Yellow Submarine colorant. You will have to eyeball the color. Start with small amounts of color, a drop or two, until desired color is achieved.
  • Use wavy soap cutter to cut the fries.
  • Pour colored soap into a jelly roll pan. Let soap set up, then cut fries to size.
  • Melt clear soap base and drizzle between each layer of the burger. The soap will harden and keep the burger layers in place.
  • Want ketchup with your fries. No problem. Melt clear soap and add a small amount of tomato red. Pour soap into a condiment cup.


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