Saturday, August 04, 2012

Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas Water Dissolving Soap Paper

I've attended my fair share of weddings this summer. There's one more wedding on the calendar for late August. This one is extra special for me. My former administrative assistant, Kaylee, is the bride . Besides planning a wedding and working part-time, she starts the U of M nursing program at the end of this month. She's one ambitious girl and I'm extremely proud of her.

GoPlanet's wedding gift to the bride and groom are reception table decorations. Thankfully, Kaylee is no "bridezilla"; so, it's been fun sorting through shabby chic decorating ideas. The final verdict: Painted wine bottles. A collection of assorted wine bottles filled with hydrangeas, Queen Annes' Lace, and other wild flowers will adorn the tables.

Our monogram soap text matches some of the wine bottles wedding labels.

In keeping with the theme, my staff made monogram soaps using GPE water dissolving paper.  GoPlanet offers templates for use with a number of Mold Market basic shape molds. These templates can also be used with GPE Printable Soap Paper.

Keep in mind the water dissolving paper disappears when introduced to water. The GPE Printable Paper has a vinyl type finish. It does not dissolve.

Instructions for Using Dissolving Soap Paper

1) Print your picture onto the water dissolving paper. We used a color laser printer. Make sure the laser printer is cool before printing each sheet. Otherwise, the paper may become stuck in the print roller.

2) Cut out each design to fit your mold.

3) Melt a small amount of Ultimate Clear soap base (do not add any scent!). Cool to 135 degrees and pour a thin layer into the mold cavity. Let the soap set up until firm.

4) Position the picture logo on top of the poured soap. VERY lightly spritz a layer of rubbing alcohol onto the back of the picture. You don't want the picture to start dissolving, so use discretion when spraying the alcohol.

5) Fill the remaining portion of the mold cavity with white soap base. For our project we used Mold Market # 011. Scent as desired. Pouring temp should be around 130 to 135 degrees. You don't want to melt the paper.

6) Let soap set up for several hours until firm enough to release from the molds. DO NOT put soap in the freezer. These soap types need to set up at room temperature.

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