Sunday, October 07, 2012

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Halloween Silhouettes

A molded soap shape, hair spray, powdered colorant and a silhouette cut-out.... it's that simple. Each of the soaps shown were created with a paper silhouette that was positioned on the face of the soap with hair spray. The hair spray keeps the cut-out in place while dusting the silhouette edges with color.

A rat, graveyard scene, ghost, beheaded lady, pumpkin, owl and cats. So many options for creating these easy and fun Halloween soaps. Just be sure to blow off any excess powdered color before removing the cut-out silhouette (do this outdoors or over a garbage container).

Before you ask, YES, the powdered colorant will come off when using the soap. And no, it won't stain your body when used in the shower. This soap is for fun, and the silhouettes are only meant to capture the season.

The silhouettes were printed  and then cut out with a craft x-acto knife. If you print your stencils on card stock paper, they can be used several times. A thin coat of hairspray on the top of each finished soap (allow the hair spray to thoroughly dry) will keep the powdered color from smearing when wrapping the soaps.

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