Saturday, October 06, 2012

Soap Packaging for Apple Soaps

This is one of GoPlanet's newest boxes. It's a perfect fit for Mold Market's apple soap. I suggest placing the soap into a 4 x 2 x 9 cello bag before boxing. This ensures the box interior stays nice and clean without any noticeable soap marks.

The drop in (folding) insert is a perfect fit for the apple. Gather the flower top portion of the box, add a ribbon and your soap is shelf ready for a retail gift shop.

We dipped the soap in a caramel colored soap base and sprinkled with spa quality sea salts colored to look like chopped nuts.

This picture presents a good feel for the actual size of the apple soap. What teacher wouldn't love to have a fresh smelling apple soap placed on their desk this Fall season?

Print an 1-inch wide x 8 1/2-inch label band (cut to size as needed) to fit around the outside of the box. Get creative with the label. I would love to see what you create and share.

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