Saturday, February 02, 2013

Make a Valentine Tote Box

I couldn't stop myself from sharing this Valentine tote box I made for my six-year granddaughter. She is already excited about the handmade Valentine cards she will be giving to classmates. But, this savvy (one-of-a-kind, "no one else will have anything this cool") box to tote home Valentine cards and candy put an even BIGGER smile on her face.

There are always plenty of recycled postal boxes sitting around the warehouse. I am all about finding ways to re-purpose things. This tote is constructed from a 12.5 x 3 x 15.25 postal box covered in brown Kraft paper from our shipping department.

I cut along one long edge of the box and folded and taped the box to hide the mailing label and postal logos.

The box was then covered with paper using the same technique you would use to wrap a gift. Double sided tape is best since it gives a nice clean finish.

Cut an opening in the box for classmates to drop in cards and candy treats. Use a Phillips screwdriver to make two evenly spaced holes in the top of the box for the ribbon handle.
Cut a length of ribbon the size you want for the handle. Knot one end of the ribbon and thread through one of the holes (thread the ribbon by placing you hand into the opening). Thread the other end of the ribbon into the second hole. Knot and tie the end of the ribbon. It doesn't hurt to place a square of duct tape over the ribbon ends (inside the box) to make sure the handle is secure.
There are many other ways to wrap the box with the paper. My second and third attempts (for the other two grand kids), I found other ways to wrap the box. I can't say they were easier, but the final outcome looked more professional.

Considering this is a disposable item, I wouldn't spend an excessive time on the wrapping end. What kids will notice most is the ribbon and decorative pieces that you add. So don't obsess about how you wrap the box.

Once the opening is made and the handle attached, you are left to your own decorative ideas. I tend to have plenty of ribbon and leftover craft items from projects I do with the grand kids. If you don't have ribbon, print out decorative papers (Google for some great idea) or use scrapbook papers.

Scrap booking punches offer a huge variety of shapes, as does foam shapes.

Back side of the Valentine Tote Box
You can also spray paint the box instead of wrapping with Kraft or wrapping paper. It's Winter here in Michigan, and only an idiot would spray paint anything outside in below freezing temps. Personally, the Kraft paper was a less expensive option for me. Like I mentioned before, this is a disposable item. Keep it simple!

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