Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Packaging: Making a Difference One Bag at a Time

We recently stayed at a private ski resort in Northern Michigan courtesy of my husband's employer. It was a weekend of skiing, eating and just plain fun, not to mention the awesome wine tasting the company sponsored. A trip to a nearby eclectic specialty shop brought me back to reality.

This shop was awesome beyond description. Their collection of unique items included furniture, trash to treasure, handcrafted art, vintage items and more. I could have spent hours just browsing. I made a few purchases for the grandkids. It was at check-out that my reality check kicked in.

The purchased items were placed in this newspaper bag. I thought, "How clever is that, someone is recycling newspapers". I then noted the newsprint was not in English and saw a tag attached to the jute handle. The message on the tag was the reality check.

I know I can't save the world, but here I was staying at a resort, shopping upscale boutiques, enjoying great food and wine while someone in India was making this newsprint bag to stay off the streets. Geez, what do I have to complain about? NOTHING! The income generated by these newsprint bags provides street children with education and shelter.

The workmanship is awesome and I've decided to import these bags in two sizes. They will arrive within the next month.

If you own a retail shop, I invite you to contact me about using these bags in your store. They are made from recycled material, eco-friendly and support an organization that rescues children from the streets of India.

As soon as our first shipment is received, I will post pricing information on both my blog and the GoPlanetEarth web site.

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