Monday, April 14, 2008

How to Make Soap Curl Embeds

Colorful Soap Curls for Embedding Once you've mastered how to make Soap Logs, you can then have the option of making soap curls. Soap curls are great for embedding in molded cavities. Use only 'non-bleeding' colors when making these embeds. You don't want the colors from your embeds migrating into your soap overpour. If you look at the picture below, you will see how the clear soap (the overpour) has remained just that, clear. The pigments used in the soap curls were non-bleeding colors. The color stays put!
Most of the liquid gel colors sold at GoPlanetEarth are non-bleeding. The above picture shows some of the beautiful, bright colors you can achieve with liquid gels. Curls pictured (above) were all achieved using FLX Formula white soap base. You can use FLX white or FLX clear bases to create soap curls. Which base you use will depend on the colors you want for your curls. The dark purple and mulberry curls in the rectangle soap were achieved by coloring FLX clear base. FLX white base was colored for the lavender and rose curls.


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