Monday, April 21, 2008

Weight Loss: Week Four Weigh In

Well, it's now been one month since I started my weight loss plan. Here is what I lost this week (shown in soap, of course).

That BIG block of soap shown (left) in the photo is the amount of weight I hope to lose. To the right of the BIG block is the amount of weight I've lost in the last three weeks. When you add the above block of soap, you can see that I am making progress. I'm very close to the halfway mark. Last week three people asked if I had lost weight. That was encouraging. Personally, I still don't note any changes in how I look or how my clothes fit. I do have more energy though.

I've increased the pace on my treadmill walks and have added some upper arm resistance training. Also started some ab excercises this week. WHOA! my stomach is sure feeling the burn.

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