Monday, April 07, 2008

Melt & Pour Soap: A Beginner's Primer

I've been in the soaping business for so long that I sometimes forget there are many newcomers who are clueless to the basics of melt and pour soap making. Just this week I received an email from a customer wanting to know just that...the basics. A 'primer', so to speak. GoPlanet put together this no-frills short instructional video for those just discovering the world of melt and pour. After viewing the instructions, you should be able to make your first bar of soap without a hitch.

Questions? Just email. The crew at GoPlanet will be glad to answer any questions pertaining to this primer or help you select the supplies needed to get started. A printed version of this primer will be available on the web site project page in the couple of days.

WARNING: Melt & Pour soap making can be addicting. Once you get started, it may be hard to quit.

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