Saturday, January 22, 2011

This Web-based App is Worth a Peek & It's FREE

Small businesses are often operating on a shoe-string budget. This is especially true when just starting out in business. The Internet offers a wealth of apps and programs that can help jump-start your business and many are FREE. But which ones are really worthy of consideration. Well, (in my opinion) this particular app/program is definitely worth a second look. More than just a to-do list manager, Remember the Milk acts like a full-blown calendar, but without the row-and-column display. You can send reminders via SMS, e-mail or instant message, and view the lists themselves via RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Remember the Milk web app has been widely acclaimed over the past several years, and it works for individuals as well as small businesses. Best yet, RTM integrates with Gmail and Outlook, and the service has mobile apps for Windows, Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. My iPhone has a calendar but I don't have the ability to separate all my entries into specific lists. With RTM, you can. There is a list for Work, Personal, Study or personalize it by creating your own list folder like "Meetings" or "Customers". Once I create my list entry, I then set a reminder to be sent to my iPhone (see below). You can also have it sent to your email address, instant message program and even Skype.

This is a very thorough planner and list maker, easy to use and best of all it's free. It's definitely worth a peek.

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