Sunday, January 30, 2011

Examples of Cold Process Soap Frosting

Soap Making: Cold Process Soap Frosting
I just love when customers share their soaping projects. These soaps were made by my New Zealand friend, Jude. All of the soaps were made using Mold Market molds. And, of course, GoPlanetEarth stocks the entire mold line. For the above ice cream soap, Jude used the "cone" mold. The ice cream topper and cupcake frosting were made using a cold processed soap recipe found on David Fisher's soap and candle making site. You can also make a melt & pour version of these toppers using GoPlanetEarth's body butter whip.

Mold Market Cup Cake Soap
I love how Jude put an engagement ring into the cupcake frosting. Very unique idea and a wonderful way to "pop the question". The mold for the cupcake base can be found here.

Mold Market 3-D Popsicle Mold
The above 3-D Popsicle Mold is available from GoPlanetEarth. You'll find the how-to instructions here. Thanks, Jude for sharing your wonderful creations!

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