Friday, July 08, 2011

Fourth of July Soaps from Sophie Soap Chick

I'm late in getting these pictures posted (sorry, Sophie). This is a loaf soap that Sophie Soap Chick made a few weeks back. I meant to have it posted pre-4th, but obviously that didn't happen. A half circle insert was created using one of our novelty loaf molds. The insert includes suspended glitter (use our suspension soap base). The half circle was then placed into Mold Market's square loaf mold and varying layers of red, white, and blue were poured around the insert. Sophie topped off the loaf with stars stamped out with cookie cutters.

Note the cute little stacked star soaps. They are connected with clear soap base. They look adorable displayed on a soap dish. Add a patriotic themed hand towel and your powder room takes on a festive look.

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